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5 Tips to improve your athletic performance

Photo: Athletics South Africa

Tip 1: Hydration

One of the easiest ways to boost your athletic performance and energy levels is proper hydration. We know it might sound like a bit of an over-exhausted tip, but what water and electrolytes actually do for your performance is incredible.

Staying properly hydrated maximizes your circulation, helps with joint movement, helps to regulate body temperature, and fights the effects of dehydration! Your body loses water through sweat as you exercise, so keeping your hydration levels steady is vital for functionality and focus.

Staying properly hydrated means more than just drinking water. It’s also about maintaining your electrolyte levels. By drinking water, you can maintain your electrolyte levels to keep them balanced to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

Tip 2: Proper Sleep

Another commonly spoken tip, but a crucial one nonetheless, is to get proper sleep! Sleep helps with recovery, and it allows time for your heart to rest, giving your cells and your tissue time to repair. You're more prone to straining your muscles during training or exercise.

Sleep helps repair muscles. Sleep also helps preserve and form memories, which is superb for athletes who need to be particular with specific actions, exercises, and movements.

Tip 3: Supplements

Taking the right supplements to aid with recovery, mood, energy, and strength can be highly beneficial in pushing your body in the right direction for athletic exercise.

B vitamins are good for aiding metabolism, while calcium and vitamin D are good for maintaining muscle mass and reducing the risk of physical injury. Creatine is incredible for helping to improve strength and muscle mass. Make sure to talk to your health professional before taking any supplements to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Tip 4: Change or switch up your workout routine every 3 weeks

Sticking to the same workout routine time and time again, your body isn’t going to get the best results. Changing your workout routine every 3 weeks benefits your muscle memory by maximizing muscle capacity.

Tip 5: Look after your mental health

Managing stress, anxiety, and depression can be challenging. And the truth is, nobody is immune from experiencing psychological distress.

Conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD can affect your sleep, focus, stability, and energy levels. Helping athletes to develop a range of skills to manage or prevent mental health conditions can help with performance excellence.

There is no one way to maximize your athletic performance. However, managing hydration, getting proper sleep, taking the right supplements, switching up your workout routine, and looking after your mental health are the best first steps you can take to achieving optimal performance!

These tips can 100% help develop skill, strength, endurance, and recovery and will help you focus with determination next time you're in the gym.

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