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Mahuchikh and Kipyegon break world records in Paris

World champion Yaroslava Mahuchikh produced a flawless clearance of 2.10m to break the long-standing world high jump record* at the Meeting de Paris – part of the Wanda Diamond League – on Sunday (7).

The Ukrainian saw off the challenge of world indoor champion Nicola Olyaslagers, who had matched Mahuchikh at 2.01m, both women clearing it on their second attempts. Australia’s Olyslagers failed three times at 2.03m, but Mahuchikh got over it on her second try.

With victory secured, Mahuchikh moved the bar up to 2.07m and once again cleared it on her second jump, doing so with room to spare to set a Ukrainian record. She then had the bar raised to 2.10m – one centimetre higher than the world record set by Stefka Kostadinova at the 1987 World Championships – and cleared it on her first try.

“Coming into this competition, I had feelings that I could jump 2.07m and maybe 2.10m,” said Mahuchikh. “Finally I signed Ukraine to the history of world athletics.”

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