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Jimmy Nevis set to join the Women's Day Festivities at Totalsports Women's Race Cape Town


South African singer-songwriter Jimmy Nevis will perform for thousands of women in Cape Town on Friday, August 9, 2024, as they take on the Totalsports Women’s Race (5km or 10km) in support of PinkDrive.


“The Totalsports Women’s Race is a fun event, and I love that it supports women,” says Nevis. “As someone who enjoys running, I’ve participated in this race before and even performed at it a few years back. I believe it’s especially important, as a man, to support initiatives that empower women. Coming from a family of strong women and having my business run by strong women, showing support is a very natural part of who I am.”


In closing Nevis adds: "As for my performance on the day, all I can say is that it's going to be uplifting and fun—we want to keep people dancing!"


EVENT INFORMATION: 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race


The Totalsports Women's Race is a mass participation, women's only road race that take place across three major cities (Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg) and caters to both social runners and elite athletes. It is a celebration of women's strength and empowerment, providing a platform for women from all backgrounds to come together and participate in a high-energy, caring environment in support of PinkDrive.

ENTER:, or any Pick ‘n Pay store nationwide.


CHARITY SUPPORT: The Totalsports Women’s Race proudly supports PinkDrive. When registering online for the event, runners have the option to support PinkDrive by donating to the cause. PinkDrive will offer free clinical breast examinations in each city, along with the opportunity to consult with a PinkDrive nurse for general medical advice. Runners can also visit PinkDrive’s “Shop4Cancer” at each event, where they can deck themselves out in pink gear to show their support for this worthy cause and run with pride. For more information on PinkDrive visit 


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